Furry Refuge Radio! teaming up with Furry Broadcasting Network!

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We’re proud of our little radio station but we want it to grow. our mission as you might’ve seen on our about page is to not leave anyone out. its to take care of the community and make sure everyone is included and having fun. Our radio helps us accomplish that by creating a community-run project with DJs, strictly furry media, and showcases of artists right here from our community! As you might also have heard, we’re talking to “Straight From The Muzzle” about broadcasting their podcast on our stream for your entertainment of 100% furry themed media, music, and more! Get involved with the radio by simply asking staff! Mrs Feathers, GRT (Furry Refuge Leaders), Silver Eagle (programmer of AzuraCast), and CodeSteele help run our radio and DJ Queen Angel does our weekly DJ sets on fridays at 4pm Mountain Standard Time! We are currently looking for artists who want to showcase themselves, DJs who want to play sets, and podcasters who want to broadcast media… This is a community project, if you want to try your hand at a radio show, you’re welcome to come and try it out! Talk to one of us in the chats to get more information on how you can help out or have your own radio show on our radio!

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