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As you might have noticed, we’re not allowed to post this on twitter, so here it is for our other social media:

Mastodon is a really cool federated social platform and a great replacement for twitter!… and we’re part of it! We’re hosting our own node at which you can be a part of!

Mastodon allows communities like us or even yourself to host a server and let people join. Then you can check out other servers and follow them, effectively linking two servers together automatically! The more other users follow people, the more media we’ll be able to see on our server! The community itself decides what they can see! And the best part is that no one can shut us down! Mastodon is completely self-hosted and community-run. We don’t have a big twitter CEO breathing down our necks about what we can and cannot post. So, if you’re worried about twitter, try out mastodon with us!


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