Ban Appeal

This form can be used to submit an appeal for any type of punishment from the network including bans, mutes, warns, and others even though it was designed specifically for bans.

Please note that warns will clear themselves over time and will most likely not be successfully appealed. However, you are still welcome to use this form if you feel you can prove it was a mistake.

After filling this out, please wait up to 48 hours for us to process this. After 48 hours, if you haven’t heard back from us, please give us a nudge at and we’ll get back to you.

Your Nickname

Your online name, what people usually call you.


We will reach out to this address if we have questions. If you don’t hear from us within 48 hours, please check your spam folder for emails from If no one responds, please send us an email.

Usernames that were banned

If you were banned on multiple platforms, please write all your usernames in the format “Username – Platform” per line.

When were you banned?

The more precise you are, the faster we can have a decision for you. If you dont know when, please use your best approximation.

Why were you banned?

This is very important for us to review as being truthful here helps us decide whether we feel you have changed. We keep punishment logs and thus will already know why you were banned.

What will you do differently?

Other Notes to us?

Write anything you have to say in this space that didn’t quite fit into any of the other questions’ answers. We want to hear the full story to be able to make a fair judgement call.

Tell us about yourself

Be proud of who you are! Tell us about yourself and show us what we’re missing out on!


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