Staff Application

This form is for apply for a position on staff with us. This form will be followed by an interview on telegram or discord.

     • At least 18 Years of Age
     • Active in the chats/game server you want to be staff in
     • Have been in the community long enough to know it
     • Are familiar with the RULES
     • In good standing with other staff
     • Knowledge in the position you’re interested in
     • Must be motivated and able to actively engage in chat at least once a day even when you’re on your own.

If you would like to, you can also leave a voice message at: +1 860 483 8779

Please include your username and other information so we know its you.

Your Furry Name

This is what you’re known as and what you want to be called.

Your Pronouns

We want to know how to correctly address you, as our goal is to be all-inclusive!


Please make sure is unblocked from spam if you don’t hear anything back within 48 hours. If there is nothing from us, please send us an email!


List all the usernames you have only on the platforms you want to be admin on. List each account per line in a “Username – Platform” fashion. (for discord, please include the numbers)

Date of Birth

Sometimes, people post NSFW stuff even in SFW chats, so we require our staff to be of age to be able to deal with that kind of stuff when it arrises.


Positions can be anything you want to do, suggestions are: Moderator, Radio DJ/Host(ess), Event Coordinator, Chat Host(ess), Game Server Admin (let us know which game server), and any other way you could think of helping our community!

What do you want to do in that position?

Tell us how you think you can help us improve our group and fit in on our staff. Please note which chat or game server you would be working on/in.


Please include your offset to the Greenwhich Mean Time

What makes you a good fit?

List some reasons why you’d be awesome in that position. and what made you want to volunteer. Make us want to select you!

How long have you been in our community?

Let us know how long you’ve been here. It’s important so we know

How active are you in our community?

List some reasons why you’d be awesome in that position. and what made you want to volunteer. Make us want to select you!

Tell us about yourself!

Be proud of who you are and tell us about what makes you, you!


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