Furry Refuge Rules

Pro Tip:

To report someone in telegram, you can use the /report command. To report someone in discord, use the @admin ping.

  1. Donโ€™t spam or advertise in a chat. We have channels for advertising art AND other personal stuff, please use them. They will be listed in the chat list. DMing random people for advertising is NOT ok and will result in us removing you. Use the chats designed for advertising.
  2. Donโ€™t be mean. Common sense is your friend, just be nice. In general, if someone asks you not to do something because it bothers them, just dont do it. If we think you are a troll, spammer, or inviting bots, we are going to remove you.
  3. Non-directed jokes in poor taste are acceptable unless someone takes offence. Read your audience.
  4. Glorification or promotion of illegal activities is not permitted. Talking about anything illegal will get you at minimum warned and depending on the topic, banned.
  5. Unless the chat is for a specific language, please expect to use the English language. We have German, Polish and Russian chats. If you think we should have another language chat, just ask!
  6. Invalidating someoneโ€™s personal identity is never okay. If you don’t like someone, just don’t talk to them. Likewise, donโ€™t make a big deal out of someoneโ€™s identity including your own.
  7. Doxing someone and sharing information about them without their consent is not acceptable. Sharing IRL images depicting people is discouraged.
  8. This is not the setting to preach your views on a particular subject when others have moved on.
  9. Donโ€™t post politics or religion. It never ends well and youโ€™re only setting yourself up to get into an argument. Everyone is different. Everyone is welcome. Keep this in mind.
  10. Statements which are meant to cause harm or are generally offensive are not allowed. Think before you speak. Your thoughts are your own, however some should stay private.
  11. Casual discussion of self-harm, physically or mentally, is not acceptable. For example, talking about how you frequently drink until you pass out, or having constant mental breakdowns in chat. If you need help, reach out and one of our staff can give you a list of hotlines to call.
  12. If your account looks like a bot (No username, No bio, No profile picture) we reserve the right to remove it. Take a couple of seconds to edit your profile and appear like a real person if you don’t want people to be suspicious of you.
  13. You must be 18 years or older when joining one of our NSFW labelled chats. An id will be required to prove that you are at or over the age 18.
  14. Some chats require that AI images should be marked as spoilers or at least be tagged through conversation or other means to be made known that they are AI generated.
  15. Obey the per-room rules listed in the description of chats/channels.
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Furry Refuge Online Furry Community