What do we do?

At Furry Refuge, we are committed to providing a refuge from the challenges of everyday life, where individuals can find acceptance, make friends, and enjoy their shared interests. We invite you to join our vibrant community and experience some of what Furry Refuge has to offer:

  • Community Building: We provide a platform where individuals can connect, chat, and engage with like-minded individuals who share a passion for the furry fandom. Our chatrooms and game servers serve as virtual gathering spaces for fostering friendships and creating lasting connections.
  • Art and Creativity: We celebrate the artistic talents of our community members and encourage them to showcase their creativity. Whether it’s through sharing artwork, writing, or other forms of expression, we provide a space where individuals can freely express their furry interests and passions.
  • Game Servers: We offer a variety of game servers, including Minecraft, Starbound, and Unturned, where members can come together and enjoy multiplayer gaming experiences. Our servers provide a safe and enjoyable environment for furry gamers to collaborate, explore, and have fun.
  • Support and Inclusion: We strive to ensure that everyone feels welcome and valued within our community. We promote a culture of acceptance, where individuals of all backgrounds, identities, and experiences can be themselves without judgment. Our dedicated staff members are here to assist and support community members whenever needed.
  • Events and Activities: We organize various events and activities, such as game nights, art contests, and social gatherings, to bring our community closer together. These events offer opportunities for members to engage, collaborate, and have fun in a supportive and friendly atmosphere.

Our Mission

At Furry Refuge, our mission is to provide a safe, welcoming, and inclusive community for furries to connect, share their interests, and overcome social isolation. We aim to create a space where individuals of all backgrounds and abilities can come together and feel accepted, valued, and supported.

Through fostering positive social interactions and mutual respect, we strive to empower individuals to pursue their passions, enhance their well-being, and make meaningful connections with other furs. We are committed to providing a fun, “chill” environment for all to enjoy, and we rely on community support to help us achieve our goals.

Meet our Mascot,

Miss Moth

Check out our awesome staff

The ones behind the network!

Mrs Feathers

Leader, Developer, Social Media Outreach, & Co-Founder

Echo or more often called “Moth” is the systems admin for Furry Refuge. She is a founder of Furry Refuge and coordinates all backend services for our community, such as game servers, this website, and more. If you have any issues with any of our tech, please don’t hesitate to ask her about it.


Systems Administrator

Kirill is a super cool tech-interested person who is in charge of our servers and their health. He’s always wonderfully helpful when it comes to asking him any questions about how to use a game or service on our network!



How do you want to help out?

Check out below on ways you can help this community and get your name up here!


Staff Manager, Co-Founder

GRT is a founder of Furry Refuge as well as the Front-End “Host” and chat manager. While being in charge of keeping the game servers and chats safe and friendly, they are very kind and easy to approach if you need to report something or have a question answered.

Dr Snepper

Furry Resources

Dr Snepper has been a long-time member of our network, and has moved up from Furry and SIngles Chat Lead up to our Public Relations Director and Human and Critter Resources Director. No matter what your question is, Snepper can help!


Ready to work together?

Our Chatrooms:

Open to All!

Our Journey

May 2006

Our network started by hosting a lone Minecraft server for some friends

December 2007

An IRC server was set up and thus started out chat network

April 2008

Our chat was spread to other IRC servers and our chat network started building up, now having a website and bot to link our chatrooms together.

June 2012

Funds were raised for actual server equipment to keep up our minecraft server, voice and text chats, website and more on the web and up to date.

January 2015

The servers moved locations and spread out, now having a server in Germany and Scottland as well as in USA. We spread to telegram and discord.

December 2019

Servers were moved again, as we completely rewrote our server software and rethought our platform, relaunching the network.

January 2021

New hardware, New services, New games. An entirely new network.

July 2022

We have a whole server system now for hosting games, chats, and different kinds of services. We also picked up hobby brewing, helping artists get training through and for our network, as well as starting to offer media in different languages.

March 2023

Moved once again to a better place, faster connection, and more server power! We’re able to host even more game servers and our network is more popular than ever before!

Furry Refuge

Furry Refuge