We’re Now Part of the Official Furry Fediverse!

We’ve been accepted and listed on https://furryfediverse.org/ to let other federated furs know we exist and to try our instance! If you check it out, you can see we’re one of a handful of others! Very happy to have made it here! If you check out the site you can also see a very useful tool for finding furry friends from twitter and other places and following them on their linked mastodon accounts (just in case, hah!). We encourage users to use that tool, but not to post your mastodon account to twitter if you haven’t already, because that’s now against twitter’s TOS. I don’t think theres a way around it. And, this update from us wont be posted on twitter and i bet you can guess why! I really hope this changes, but in the mean time, join us!


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