Hello! It is with a lot of grief that i have to announce furry refuge game servers and radio will be offline until some time mid to late april. once again, we’re moving locations.. but we’re trying to get as much in order as we can before we turn it off to get it back online asap once we receive the servers.

i’m uploading the website to a service that’ll keep it online temporarily while we move and VRChat world, discord, telegram, chats and all will still be online though! the radio, however, will be offline so when we have DJ mixes, it will be hosted from youtube. thank you for understanding. its not optimal, but hopefully after this move, we will be able to have the servers in a permanent location.

We’re gonna be hosted in Connecticut, home to Furpocalypse and ConnectiCon! The hope is to foster a local community in CT, so if you are a CT fur, contact us!

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Furry Refuge Online Furry Community

Furry Refuge Online Furry Community