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We’re releasing a Furry Refuge Donator Rank in which we’ll have perks available for our game servers including being able to get support faster for issues that may arise in any game server. Our tech support is run by just one person right now and she’s also got a full-time job, making it harder to for her to give her time volunteering to help a community when she’s also got to provide for her household and pay her rent and bills. We respect that so donators will have preferential treatment not only to help her situation but also to thank donators for donating to our community and helping us it’s amazing that people care enough to keep us going. Our staff is all volunteers and 100% of all proceeds go straight back into the community to keep the servers up and improving them.


You can use your nitro boost to achieve donator status on our server!

Check out our donation page at

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Furry Refuge

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