Featured Volunteering Positions

Use the STAFF APPLICATION to apply, making a note of the position you’d like to fill here.

  • Tabletop Gamer Furs Chat – Weekly or Bi-Weekly Boardgame night host
  • VRChat meet up host! (monthly/weekly, your choice!)
  • General Chat or VRChat – Movie Night Host
  • Game Server Admin – Minecraft
  • Game Server Admin – 7 Days to Die
  • Game Server Admin – Unturned
  • Game Server Admin – Starbound
  • Game Server Admin – Palworld
  • Game Server Admin – General/multiple games
  • Gamer Furs – General game-related Events Host
  • Furry Refuge Radio – DJs
  • Furry Refuge Radio – Radio Manager
  • Anime Furs – Anime Watch Night Host
  • FRVR – Minecraft Community Night Host VRChat
  • PhotograFurs – Photography Contest Host
  • LGBTQ+ Support
  • Tech Furs – Events / Projects Host
  • Furry Book Club Host
  • Engagement Manager – Create & Co-ordinate events
  • Event Host – Movie Night, Game Server Events, Voice Chat, Radio Listening Party, etc
  • Web Designer & Site Upkeep

We’re also always looking for people to run some of our chatrooms! If you’d like to run one of our chatrooms (with your own freedom to do what you wish) then apply now! We have so many chats and volunteer positions we’d like to fill, and our staff is stretched thin.

Our entire mission and goal is to serve the community and create an amazing place to be. We can’t do that without you! Join now and be able to help the community on your own terms the way you’d like to!

Furry Refuge

Furry Refuge