About the Furry Fandom


Furries are people who have a strong interest in animals with near-human attributes (also referred to as anthropomorphism). Think of a typical Saturday morning cartoon in which animals can walk and talk, but still maintain the physical features of an animal (e.g. fur, paws, tails, etc.). Furries come in all shapes, sizes and interest levels. Many furries have “fursonas” they identify with, some do not. Furry can be considered a hobby, an identity, a grassroots community and more. There’s no wrong or right way to be a furry.


Furries who wear fursuits are only one part of the furry community—however they do receive a disproportionate amount of media attention. It’s a common misconception that all furries have or want a fursuit. For some furries, a fursuit is a vital and liberating way to live out their fursona. For others it’s not. It’s a big community running the gamut from casual online fans to people who see their fursonas as something spiritual.


Well first, it’s important to say that the furry community is endlessly diverse, encompassing all kinds of animals, real and mythical, and no animal is more or less valid than the others. That being said, the 20 most popular fursona species are: Wolf; red fox; dragon; domestic cat; tiger; husky; dog (other); feline (other); fox (other); arctic fox; rabbit; kitsune; lion; canine (other); raccoon; leopard; grey fox; coyote; horse; and river otter. But fursonas can run the gamut from hybrid species, to mythical creatures (e.g. dragons, unicorns) to extinct species (e.g. dinosaurs). There’s actually a wonderful collection of data from several years of worldwide furry surveys by [adjective][species] at http://vis.adjectivespecies.com. It’s worth checking out!

Should I Hide Being A Furry IRL?

The decision of whether or not to hide one’s identity as a furry is a personal choice that varies from individual to individual. Being a furry is a hobby and a form of self-expression, and like any other interest, it’s entirely up to you to decide how and when you want to share it with others. Some people may choose to keep their furry identity private due to concerns about potential misunderstandings or misconceptions from those unfamiliar with the fandom. Others may be open and proud about their furry identity, using it as a way to connect with like-minded individuals and celebrate their passion. Ultimately, it’s essential to do what feels right for you, considering your comfort level and the context of the situation. There’s no universal answer, and the choice to hide or share being a furry should reflect your own feelings and preferences.

How Can I Meet Other Furries?

Our Chatrooms are a great choice to meet some furries! However, there are furcons you can go to, and a local option is going to a fur-meet in which local furries get lunch together or do some kind of activity together. Depending on the event, there may even be fursuiters there!


Furries often closely identify with one or more anthropomorphic character, which is called a fursona. For some furries, their fursona is a mix of themselves and a single animal. For others it can be a hybrid of several animals. And some furries have multiple fursonas. Some furries role play or chat as their fursona online and some identify with their fursona as an avatar or artistic shorthand. Many furries also attend local meet ups or larger furry conventions as well. Some furries will make a physical suit of their fursona (called a fursuit), though these can be expensive and most furries do not.


Of course. If there’s one message we can’t repeat often enough it’s that there is literally no wrong way to be a furry. Many people, especially those who are new to the community, are more casual about their interest. Some furries will draw or commission drawings of their fursonas, but never attend an event as their fursona. Some furries may never make the leap offline—and that’s okay. All are valid.


It’s different for different people. Furry fandom is first and foremost about identity, and identity is complicated and rolls up into a lot of things, including sex. For some furries, being a furry is deeply connected to their sexuality and they may only date other furries and or become aroused by sex with other furries (often called yiff or yiffing). These furries might use platforms like Ferzu as a furry dating site. For many furries, however, being a furry is more a way of life and social environment than it is a sexual thing and their focus is on the furry community and making like-minded friends.


Hey, we’re not gonna debate you on that one. Mainstream society will probably always think we are weird. But why on earth would you let those judgmental, conformist normals stop you from having fun and being you? Besides, behind closed doors they’re probably getting whipped, or diapered or foot worshipped. Everyone’s kink or interest is weird to people who don’t share it. Don’t let their BS keep you from living the life you deserve.

How Can I Learn More About Furries?

Come chat with us! As long as you’re friendly and respect our culture, we’re happy and open to talking to non-furries or those who want to become furries!

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