Vanilla Starbound Server: Up and Running!


We’ve recently enabled our starbound server again! It was crashing due to outdated mods, so we nuked all the mods and started fresh since it had been offline without anyone to manage and moderate it. WE DO PLAN ON ADDING MODS. We’re just looking for staff to help out with that process. And don’t worry, they’ll be super easy to install as you can just “subscribe” to our modpack on steam workshop once its active. And, if you already have mods, you can just create a modpack of your own with everything you have in it and simply “unsub from all mods” and subscribe to our modpack. that way, you can have a modpack for our server as well as for playing on other servers or alone! ^v^ well, now that we have it and other game servers back up, we’re looking for staff to moderate or manage servers for games like Rust, Ark, 7 Days to Die, Starbound, Minecraft, etc.. as we have a bunch of game servers for y’all to play on but we all have day jobs too.. so we’re hoping that with more staff in various timezones, we can have more game servers online! If you check out the website or are reading this article, scroll down to the bottom and just click “staff application” and let us know what you’re interested in doing! If you wanna take care of one of our servers, treat it like your own! Our goal is to host a fun game server for the community, by the community. If you wanna host a game server for our community, we can give you our icon files and all that, just ask!

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