Furry Refuge Art is Finished!

Furry Refuge commission size changed

Woo! Our group art is finished and is absolutely wonderful! We’ve put it online now and its up on the website as the header when you first visit https://furryrefuge.com. We’re very proud to present this to everyone as proof of our super amazing group and the extra awesome people in it! None of this could’ve happened without any of you. The artist says she’s very happy to do this again sometime! We’re not 100% sure when we’re going to do the holidays art, but we’re still piecing that together, for everyone who missed out on our group image, you can join in with our holidays group picture. For any information, feel free to contact Mrs Feathers on telegram or discord.. or just email us at support@furryrefuge.com even just to say hi :)


~Staff at Furry Refuge


In the image is featured these users on the Telegram chat platform

– @Mrs_Feathers

– @AuroraMR574

– @Kitsume

– @Pouncytaur

– @BlueHusky2154

– @Skitzgy

– @ArisuStarfall

– @Gentooze

– @Leonblu

– @FishBirb

– @RoscoGoat

– @mxbunnycatter

– @DiotheDeer

– @Kaithral

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