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Thank you so much for any amount of donations you give, as 100% of it goes back into the community to pay for all the cool stuff we offer! Your unwavering support fuels the heartbeat of our community, making everything we do possible – from organizing events and hosting game servers to maintaining websites, chats, even our own Furry Refuge Radio and other essential services. Your dedication and generosity create the vibrant tapestry that is our furry family. Here’s to more adventures, laughter, and shared moments together! Thank you for making our community a home for everyone. 🙌🐾

Patreon – you can subscribe to Supporter Rank and get cool perks in our game servers and discord.

Discord Nitro – You are entitled to get Supporter Rank if you support our server with your 2 free boosts you get when you get nitro. It helps our server grow!

BuyMeACoffee – This is the easiest way to just make one-time donations to us, if you’re not purchasing something from our webstore. We will also reciprocate by giving some perks and fun stuff too!

LiberaPay – This is the german version of our patreon! by donating here, you will get the same perks and Supporter Rank in-games!

Boosty – Boosty is the russian version of our patreon! Just like Patreon, Nitro, LiberaPay and every other way to support us, by supporting us on boosty, you will also get the Supporter Rank!

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