Minecraft: SlimeFun Magic Kit

A kit of simple magic-oriented Slimefun items.


A kit of simple magic-oriented Slimefun items to get you started with our Techno/Magic plugin called Slimefun. Check out Slimefun tutorials on youtube to become more familiar with it!

  • Ancient Runes:
    • Air x4
    • Lightning x4
    • Fire x4
    • Earth x4
    • Water x4
    • Ender x4
    • Enchantment x4
    • Rainbow x4
    • Black x4
    • Soulbound x4
  • Elytra Cap x1
  • Armor Sets:
    • Bee Armor: Helmet, Elytra, Leggings, Boots
    • Soulbound Armor: Helmet, Chestplate, Leggings, Boots
  • Talismans:
    • Whirlwind x1
    • Warrior x5
    • Firefighter x5
    • Waterbreather x5
    • Lavawalker x5
    • Caveman x1
    • Farmer x1
  • Strange Nether Goo x1

**You will receive everything mentioned in this description**


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