How to use the Furry Refuge Bot!

Furry Refuge’s chat bot is a helpful tool that can assist you with various tasks and provide information about the furry community. To use the bot effectively, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that you have joined the Furry Refuge community and have an account on This will allow the bot to recognize you and provide personalized responses.

2. You can interact with it by typing “!help” or “moth, help” in the discord. If you are using the bot on Telegram, simply type “/help” or “/commands” to get a list of available commands. You can also use these commands to access different features of the bot.

3. The bot can provide information about upcoming events, community guidelines, and other useful resources. You can also use it to search for specific topics or ask for assistance with any issues you may be experiencing by using /report or pinging @admin.

Furry Refuge

Furry Refuge