Furry Refuge Minecraft

Server Address: mc.furryrefuge.com

Server Address: mc.furryrefuge.com

  • Server Version: 1.20.4 (Latest)
  • If you run linux/mac, you can use https://prismlauncher.org/ as mojang no longer supports those platforms.
  • View the map at: http://map.furryrefuge.com/
  • Gameplay: Vanilla (We are working on trying to install some plugins, but very minimal so those who wish to play vanilla and those who wish for tech stuff such as Slimefun would be happy while keeping plugins to a minimum to not cause any lag at all. However, right now it’s vanilla only until further notice.)
  • Check minecraft status on our hotline: +1 515-882-6684

Server Status

About Our Server

We’re a small but growing community of Furries with a community server that is welcome to anyone and everyone who wants to join! We’ve got landclaiming, a bit of an economy going, along with Slimefun! We try to foster a a friendly environment with players on daily. GreifDefender will allow you to claim a property by doing β€œ/claim”.. Slimefun book is also very easy to use and uses xp to unlock tech stuff. If you want a more vanilla play, you can definitely do that without having to worry about tech stuff. On the other hand, you can delve deep into tech without mods, allowing even players with crappy computers to play on our server and have just as much fun. Join us on telegram at telegram.furryrefuge.com or our discord which is discord.furryrefuge.com. We hope to see you in-game, and if not, you can use the bot to chat to people in-game from telegram or discord minecraft chats!

We love our world file! We’ve been using the same world for years, upgrading it for every new minecraft release. We encourage you to build! We plan to stay up-to-date while always having the same world you all know and love!


Known Sites to vote! Voting allows us to gain popularity while also giving players a reward! If you find more sites to vote on let us know!


To check the server’s online status, please dial +1 515-882-6684 and listen for the minecraft server status option.

Want to help us build a lobby for general use or for a holiday?

If you want to build us a lobby world, make a new world in your single player game with β€œWorld Type: Superflat” and when you’re done building it, send us the world! contact an admin if you need any help in knowing how to do any of this!

*We are not affiliated with Mojang or any other game company.

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Furry Refuge

Furry Refuge